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Default Re: Littlewoods casino bonus, I busted 1/4 way thru, should i redeposi

So I've wagered about 250 of the 1000 necessary WR before I busted my 50gbp deposit.

Should I redeposit for the bonus 50 after WR met?

Basically a) can I do that? and b) should I do it if I really bet tilty sometimes at these casino deals?

Also, can I also do the Littlewoods poker bonus, or can I only do one or the other? Should I just do the poker one now?

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Yes, you should redeposit. I had to do it 3 times at Littlewoods this month, but it was the correct play. Think of it this way -- if you don't redeposit, you're saying that a 50 bonus with a 1000 requirement is worth doing, but a 50 bonus with a 750 requirement isn't. That being said, if you can't control yourself and bet within your bankroll, you should abandon the bonus.
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