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I hate to state the obvious, but it seems the difference in emotions at the table is that you are results oriented in some small way, whereas Kurn tries to be totally not.

[/ QUOTE ]

Don't get me wrong--I do not disagree with Kurn. I am simply endeavoring to explain the phenomenon.

And by the way, all emotions are results-oriented. The question before us is whether or not they should or can be suppressed.

My point was that while the answer from a bottom-line perspective is most definitely yes, I believe that the resultant diminution of one's general humanity not to be worth it.

I therefore choose to control emotions at the table, rather than eradicate them.

No way do I want to be Hellmuth or Matusow or that YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! guy Matthias whatever.

But I similarly do not want to be Holdembot2004, Versatron, Series F.
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