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Default Re: SSH and tight low limit games.

Hey Sm,

Thanks. Yes, I often find myself caught between the best bonus ... and softest games.

Absolute, before they changed their bonus structure, was filled full of "bonus whores" (to use the unflattering term), and even Pokerroom seems pretty tight.

That said when a 100%, $600 bonus will clear at a rate of about $5-$6 a table per hour at 2/4 ... it's rather tough to pass up.

Particularly for a limit newbie who, as of this posting, is averaging only about 1 BB/100 hands after 2700 hands.

However, I did swing by PokerStars ... and was blown away by the loose action. Did quite well for myself, and contemplated only playing there, even with no bonus.

(some have said that the rake is equivalent to a 40% rakeback at Party ... I haven't confirmed this)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. It is definitely on my mind.

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