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Default Re: SSH and tight low limit games.

zim, find some other sites. that's way too low flop %'s (was wondering VPIP or flop% seen - either way, those are pretty low).

i posted something similar a few weeks ago.

some books good for tighter poker = ciaffone (MLP, i think is title - haven't read but people love it), matt maroon (not well=known, but cheap, very straight-forward, and he talks about very tight games).

i'm sure there are others too..... but i've played loose passive mostly and i too had a hard time vs. very tight/aggressive

gary carson book is excellent (never talked about here???) in one piece of advice: he says game selection is #1 above anything else. so he'd probably say find another site (no poker tracker, fewer bonuses, maybe more europeans are factors that i think lead to softer tables). i know people will think i'm crazy about the bonuses, but i'd rather soft tables than having to deal with multi-tabling bonus clearers (and yes, i'd be one too) any day

hope that helps!!!
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