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Default Re: AT flops a flush draw - how to play?

I am interested in other opinions, especially re: PF raising (I didn't think the limp was a prob), and the riv bet.

To original replier:

Do you call this bet on riv with 66, for example??

I also feel like, part of what you are saying is only because you saw my hand in the HH. I don't disagree with the turn bet, but I disagree some other statements, one of which being (paraphrasing) "my hand is so easy to read." Then, do you call with AK here?

<u> What should I do on the river,</u> if I had bet the turn as well?

<font color=" blue">Also, are you saying (with your "raise pf, bet flop and turn") that one should donk off a good chunk of their stack on 3 streets with only medium holdings and no blind pressure?</font>
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