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Default Re: AT flops a flush draw - how to play?

Your river bet seems textbook example of "the bet from out of nowhere" in John Feeney's Inside the Poker Mind. If I have a pocket pair or any part of the flop I'm quite likely to be calling.

As far as the play of the hand, you pretty much telegraphed your play. It seems to scream out weak busted draw. I'm probably raising preflop, semibluffing the flop and semi-bluffing again on the turn.

Betting like that, the only hands that give you real troubles are the sets and any JT. Even still, I doubt the opponent would be on the stall with those hands because of the draws on the board.

This looks to me like a hand where on the river you realized you possibly should have taken the hand down earlier, and are now trying to make up for it.
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