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Default Re: Stud 8 low limit hand at Stars - worked out, but any misplays?

3rd:You have a 3-card 7 low,double gapped,2 flush hand with 1 heart out,only 1 pair card out(the 7).Sixes are live,1 four out,1 deuce out,& 1 A out.This is not a bad starting hand at all,& your cards are pretty live.I certainly would not let the low ante keep me from investing .25 to give this hand a chance.I would be more interested in the future potential of the hand.

4th:Nice catch.There's no reason to think that your hand is not very competitive at this point.

5th:An easy call.Seat 2 has to have a made 6 low for you to be out of competition with him,& he's almost all in,anyway.On the high side,besides your gut shot for the remaining three 6's,an A or 2 will give you additional straight chances.You have a good chance to get some money back on the low side,& scoop chances are still there.

Overall:Well played,imho.

Note:Although the more conservative views about this hand are well presented & perhaps correct,I just can't see the hand as being that weak,myself(obviously).
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