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Default Re: Stud 8 low limit hand at Stars - worked out, but any misplays?


Third street is a little debateable. WIth a low ante like this I would prob muck it, but I may be persuaded otherwise.

[/ QUOTE ] the hearts are live as are your key str8 cards, why not limp in and see if you can catch a 3rd heart or a gutshot - the only danger is that beginners might get trapped if they hit an 8 and don't fold it on 4th.
Granted you have a gutshot, but villain just caught one of your outs. I would fold no, the pot is still small.

[/ QUOTE ] I disagree. You are in last position so it's worth a call. Yes a marginal hand, but you can muck on 6th if villian catches another baby. No one showed any strength on 3rd, besides, so you may have a decent chance to scoop, since it's conceivable a low has not been made yet.

[/ QUOTE ]

I didn't see that you were last to act on fourth, I think a call is much more of an option here. Would you still call this if you weren't last to act?
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