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Default Re: Stud 8 low limit hand at Stars - worked out, but any misplays?

Third street is a little debateable. WIth a low ante like this I would prob muck it, but I may be persuaded otherwise. I think fifth is a fold. You are against probably a made low and you have a draw to a worse low. Granted you have a gutshot, but villain just caught one of your outs. I would fold no, the pot is still small.

[/ QUOTE ]

I agree on both counts. I fold third street with this hand unless I am much later to act (or if there are no low cards in or left to act behind me, perhaps).

On fifth, everything he said, plus you have another low draw working possibly as well as yours, even if Mr. Ace has paired up (or started with a high which he did not raise on 3rd?). In short, you are 3 outs to half the pot most of the time; you scoop almost never. Mitigating that somewhat is the fact that your main low competition is nearly all-in which will free up some bets later on for you to scoop if you hit (as you indeed did), not to mention that Mr. Ace may be spewing off his remaining chips on a draw. This is not enough to swing this to a call, in my opinion.
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