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Default Re: Chess tournament with two games

Miguel Najdorf played 45 opponents in a simultaneous blindfold exhibition in 1940. He scored +39-2=4.

You played the first game well, but White played terribly. There must have been something better than 17... Qd7, which should lead to a draw after 20. Bxf3. I'm pretty sure 17... Nc4 is the 'correct' move, but 17... Qe7 is also interesting.

In the second game, Black should have played ...c4 earlier. It's not really a problem until 11... Ne7 because he can always respond to dxc5 with ...b4, but you should definitely have played 12. dxc5. The natural continuation 12... Nxc5 13. Bc2 b4 14. cxb4 Rxb4 15. a3 Rb8 16. b4 Nd7 17. Ned4 is already close to a win for White, so he wouldn't have been able to play ...b4, in which case you can play b2-b4 and take complete control of d4.

The only other mistake I see was 16... Nb6, when Black should have played 16... Be7 to be followed by 17... b4, which would have kept the game interesting. He probably miscalculated the consequences of 17. Bxf5. If he didn't want to go into such a sharp variation, then he could have kept the h-pawn on h5 and played 14... b4, which is more or less equal.

Very good games, all in all.
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