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If I'm ahead, he'll call a 4th bet/river. 2 more bets. If I'm behind I'll call a 5th bet/river. 3 more bets. Win 2 or lose 3. Doesn't that mean just call down?

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No. If you apply this to every situation where you don't have the nuts, you'd never raise. And then you'd ask yourself, "Why am I a -6 BB/100 player? I always call down when I stand to lose 1 more bet than I can win." The thing is, in every situation, if you calculate it out that way, you'll always stand to win x bets when ahead, and lose x+1 bets when behind. This isn't taking into account the times that your opponent misreads your hand and pays off with a worse hand, or slows down with a better hand. Lastly, if your read is correct, you should be ahead something 99.x% of the time, and you should be pumping the pot.
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