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You are only behind to JJ and 77

[/ QUOTE ]

Hes also behind to J8/J7/87.

I dont understand your turn call.

[/ QUOTE ]

On the flop he's behind Jx and 7x. Maybe folding is better on the flop since he only has two outs to make the 3rd nuts (as jd_poker said, he's behind 77 and JJ). He's ahead of Jx and 7x after he makes his boat. The pot ended up large enough to justify a 1BB raise on the flop (has to be larger than 22.5BB; if he'd have only called the pot could have been as little as 11.25BB to be profitable here). I would fold the flop and not raise 88 UTG preflop but then I think I'm too tight.

I don't understand the turn call either, you've made your boat so why are you raising the flop (when you're likely behind) and only calling here (when you're probably ahead)? Your flop raise sets you up to be aggressive on the turn after you've hit your miracle card. Cap turn, cap river, payoff quads or Jacks full of Sevens.

I don't think OP ran into JJ (probably reraised preflop), maybe he ran into 77? If so, unlucky, but it's very rare you'll ever be paying off flopped quads (0.245%).

Edit: If he's shown down King-high and bottom pair then I agree with the flop raise.
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