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Default Re: Passing up 7:1 pot odds with KQo

Now, I'm not itching to get my stack in everytime if I only flop one K or Q. I'm shooting for two pair or better, but I think you can still make some money with just TP2K here.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well, I mean, if I'm shooting for two pair, then I could call with anything. If fact, I'd rather call here with low suited connectors than with KQo.

You don't think it's siginificant that there has been a raise and two callers? First, I could easily be dominated by someone. Second, I'm playing the hand OOP. And I don't have a large enough stack to find out where I'm at w/o it really hurting my stack. So, I can't play it strong at all even if I flop TP. Which might allow even one of the callers to luck into a hand that beats me.

And it's so easy to just fold and move on. Use my skill at bubble play to my advantage and keep a healthy stack.

I honestly think that KQo, in this particular case, is one of the worst hands to have here. Again, I'd call with something like 67s before calling with this.
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