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Default Re: Passing up 7:1 pot odds with KQo

I call here everytime, and frankly I'm surprised you'd consider folding here in a 22 or 33. I'd love to be wrong here and learn something new/plug a leak, but I call with worse hands than KQ here.

There are at least 5 terrible players at your table who are dying to give you their chips, and you're being offered a great price with good implied odds and a decent hand.

Now, I'm not itching to get my stack in everytime if I only flop one K or Q. I'm shooting for two pair or better, but I think you can still make some money with just TP2K here. If I flop top pair, I'll probably check the flop and bet the turn if checked around. I'm folding with one pair if UTG fires a legitimate bet on the flop. If MP or the button bets after UTG and I check, I probably will c/r all in if their PT numbers tell me they suck, but that depends on the flop texture and a few other things as well.
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