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Default Man, I need attention.

So I was up sort of late, and well, you know, I don't have any friends. Can you people of OOT think of something for me to make a thread about? The important consideration is that its about me. I'd like you to talk about me. Feel free to flame, since really all I need is the attention. I feel validated when people in gambling forums take some time out of their hectic middle of the night schedule to think about me.

So, without further ado, I give you a thread about me, and attention. As in, attention for me. Me, as the recipient of attention.

She is a pretty woman that Scarlett.

If you are still reading this thread, I am, in addition to needing attention, a very generous individual. Please feel free to try and distract from the attention I deserve, by posting your own desperate cries for attention here.
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