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Default Re: KTs in a kill pot 5/10@FW

I don't see anybody folding on this turn, so the bets from the field are providing you with ample odds to call for your draw, when you consider whats already in the pot, this call is extremely easy.

The real mistake here was not raising the flop, IMO. Top pair, good kicker, back door flush draw and 3 players behind you that haven't put in money in the pot (assuming I read the post correctly if you raise the flop the c/o, button, and BB all have to call 2 cold).

The turn is an easy call, let the button make it 60. If the other 3 players call and the room has a 4 bet cap, cap it up. If its a 5 bet cap, just call. Here's hoping you hit. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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