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Default Re: Wsop 2005 winner- Does he have a nickname?

yo monkey nuts

Aussies have some of the best nicknames in the world.

if a guys name is Jackson we call him Jacko
if a guys name is David we call him Davo
if a guys name is Michael we call him Mikka
if a guys name is Cook we call him Cookie
if a guys name is Daryl we call him Dazza (if we are lazy Daz)
if a guys name is Barry we call him Bazza (if we are lazy Baz)
if a guys name is Patrick we call him Paddy
if a guys name is Jason we call him Jay
English People are Poms
American people are Sepo's
French people are Frogs
Italian people are Eyeties

see the sophistication?

Now Nzer's (folk from New Zealand) they have no creativity when it comes to nicknames.

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