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Default Re: i actually did snap this time (posting for you swede...long)

Not necessarily. Windows installed in cars are quite a bit tougher than e.g. standard house windows.

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my senior year of high school i worked at a shop that installed car stereo's and it also tinted windows...a window in a home isn't even the same glass as one in a car.

you see windows breaking from foulballs at baseball games but that is different, they are coming from the sky, picking up speed at impact. i doubt anyone would be able to break a car window while sitting in a drivers seat throwing across a lane to another car.

FYI: the best way to break a car window is to take porcelein (you can find it on some engine parts) and take a hammer and crush it until its a powder. then pinch the powder till it feels "tight" in your fingers, then tap/strike that will cobwebb the glass...this is what the best car thiefs do b/c its quiet, clean and quick.
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