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Default Re: i actually did snap this time (posting for you swede...long)

I'm pretty surprised at all the back-patting you're getting on this one. This guy may or may not have committed some minor moving violations, and fled from the scene of an "accident" (with no visible damage), but your actions were well beyond a reasonable (or, I'm guessing, legal) response. You're lucky you didn't end up in jail for assault or worse or get into a conflict for which your baseballs might not have been adequate protection.

FWIW tapping on the brakes when someone's tailgating you and you can't switch lanes isn't a dick move--I always thought it was pretty standard. (Sometimes tailgaters just don't realize how close they are or that you can't switch lanes at the moment or expect you to speed up or whatever.) A quick tap on the brakes and almost all of the time they'll get the message, brake a bit, and let you pass into the other lane.

Slamming on your brakes and making the tailgater brake hard is a dick move. Throwing two baseballs in retaliation is unbelievably stupid and reckless.

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