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Default Re: typical limit v. no limit questions

1) 2/4 - 3/6

2) Nudpeddling works okay at nl25-50 (and at nl100 to some extent). But even at nl100 there are a ton of weak-tight nits. Also, preflop stats are basically irrelevant in NL. Some of my favorite fish at the nl100 game are 24/4 type guys.

3)Online is much tighter, and generally more aggressive.

4) Changing gears is not very important at the low stakes, since not many people are paying attention. Although your profits will be more if you atleast consider table image and past history during a hand.

5) Vol 1 of Harrington is great for cash games. Also read super system and Reuben/Ciaffone's NL book.

6) There are many winning styles at NL. But the tight and conservative (doesn't mean aggressive) is the probably the best approach for a new player. You can learn new styles by watching other winning players and learning from them.

7) Your welcome.
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