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Default Re: typical limit v. no limit questions

I'm not any good at no limit, but I'll try to help with the few things I know.

ballpark, what limit is $100 nl comparable to in limit?

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Very roughly around 3/6 - 5/10.

online no limit - please briefly sketch to me (a nl noob) how the nl game generally differs between live and online.

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One notable difference is that the stack sizes are often larger online relative to the blinds. Most casino $200 buyin games have 2/5 or 3/5 blinds, where the $200 games online generally have 1/2 blinds.

harrington's book: in the past i read that harrington's book applies equally well to tourneys and cash games, even though the book discusses almost strictly tourney examples.

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Volume I has stuff that I found helpful for cash games, even though the book is about tournaments. The large majority of Volume II is tournament-specific and much less applicable to cash games.
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