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Default Re: typical limit v. no limit questions

1. Don't play limit, therefore I'm not qualified to answer that question.
2. Nutpeddling is fine at the low stakes, loose tables. Lots of loose players, calling stations, etc. Very difficult to bluff since many will go to the river with very questionable holdings.
3. Pretty similar, online .10-.25 is similar to live $1-$2.
4. Changing gears doesn't mean anything at the low limits, most of them don't pay attention to how you're playing, they only pay attention to the two cards in their hands.
5. HOH 1 would not be a bad book for a new NL player, even at the cash games. You need discipline and patience at a cash game. There is no need to take unecessary risks like moving in with A high when you're short-stacked since you can always reload. Generally the blind to stack ratio is favorable meaning you can wait for quality starting hands.
6. The same way as you do in limit. How many hands do they play and in what positions, how do they bet their hands, etc. Most sites offer the ability to take notes, utilize this resource. Makes notes of players that can be bluffed. There are a lot of players that defend their blinds too much, punish them. The point of NL is to punish people for mistakes by taking their stack.
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