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Default HoldemPoker, 25% up to $100, 10x player points.

PokerRoom skin. Rake must reach $0.25. Deposit code "BANG". Deposit by 12/03. You accumulate player points based on the rake taken from the pot.

At .5/1 FL, this works out to about a 45x raked (dealt) bonus.
At 1/2 FL, this works out to about a 22x raked (dealt) bonus.

I'm not going to do this one personally. The PR bonuses take forever to clear, and I doubt I'll play one that is less than 7x raked until I move up signifigantly in limits.

If you play at 3/6 or higher, then the bonus will clear pretty quickly, or so I'm told. BW has clearance rates.
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