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Default Re: *This* is what the play is like at the 33\'s? Somebody please expla

One time I played a limit $1 MTT, and i told my roommate i was pretending i had AA and I had K2o. I bet or raised every chance i got, capped etc.. On the river I only had one guy left of the 5 from the flop. I bet my last 60 chips into a 1200 pot and he folds and he had like 350 chips. I show my King high and then the table broke. suckers. And yes, i play the 33s normally and see tons of bad plays. It makes me smile [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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Yea he told me he had pocket AA and then kept raising. Me being the young beginner poker player i am i didn't quite understand the thinking behind this. Then the retard folded for 60 on the river and it all made sense. Results orientated lets go.
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