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Default Re: My best QQ hand. . .ever

If this was your best QQ hand ever, you need to play some more poker

Hero calls (c'raising here would not limit the field and I would often get three bet by hands better than me and even air, I would not knoww where I stand)

[/ QUOTE ]

You've got way too much value to let a cheap card go. You won't eliminate people from the pot but unless they have exactly AK calling your raise is a big mistake as they are drawing to 3 outs or less. Don't worry too much about where you stand here b/c your not getting rid of your hand regardless of the flop action, the pot is just way too big. This isn't the time or place to try to save a bet or 2 by making a big fold.

By your description of these people you may have the best hand and if button 3 bets you, capping the flop for value isn't out of the question given your read.

I'd prolly check the river and hope aggro button bets b/c you have to call a raise here and I'd rather not have to pay 2 bets on this river. Given your desription of button, I'd say he bets this river 100% of the time regardless of his hand.
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