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Default articles on/about zeejustin

I'm guessing this was posted about previously and I missed it and I have no idea how old this news is.

At Barnes and Noble yesterday I picked up 3 poker mags for general page-flipping browsing while sipping a coffee.
The mags were Bluff, All-in and Pro Poker Player (I think it was called)??

In 2 of those mags (and I don't remember which ones) 2+2's very own tourney-superstar ZeeJustin was featured.

One was an article BY ZeeJustin introducing himself and a little mini-bio of how he got into poker (he's going to write future articles).

The other was by Ed 'Bolivia' Moncada where he profiled a couple of talented of which was ZeeJustin.

Congrats to Justin for the publicity and for landing the gig writing the articles for one of the mags.

I'm pretty sure that both of these came before his most recent online-tourney success (where he finished 1st in a Party tourney for $110k)
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