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Default Re: $2/$5 NL ($300 max) hand at Turning Stone vs. 2+2er

I personally love the turn check. I think 95% of players bet that turn in my situation, seeing you bet small on the flop and check the turn after you make a hand that would be nearly impossible for me to put you on. I think it's a huge moneymaker.

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I don't. You check the turn and now face a pot sized bet on the river, or more. Now what do you do? You checked to induce a bluff. Did you get it? And what if he didn't hit on the turn. He's still going to check, and now you're letting him draw for free. And it is a super easy instamuck if he wants to put any more money in the pot after you bet the turn so it makes the hand a lot easier to play. I don't like your turn check that much.

Only time I really like it is if he is very aggro and will bluff check/raise the turn and also bluff the river very often when you check the turn. If this guy is the tightest guy in the casino (which you didn't mention) betting the turn is definitely better. Why let him draw at a 5-8 outer for free? And yeah, you probably have a muck if he pots the river, but you MAY have induced a bluff which would be pretty bad.
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