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Default Scary Bar Situation

I was debating posting this because I don't think I handled it in the best way possible. I'll give the results later.

So I'm in a bar in Metro Manila, Philippines 2 nights ago. At the table next to me is the hottest 17 year old ever. I'm only 19 so...

She looked like Jessica Alba. We start talking and her friend is actually helping me out. She shows me a picture of her boyfriend and I ask her if she thinks I'm much better looking than him - both of them agree.

We keep talking and drinking and I get her number. We leave the bar and we makeout real quick and then I get pulled violently to the ground.

I get up and some guy I didn't recognize (I soon realized it was her boyfriend) is yelling at me in a mixture of english and Tagalog. I get up real fast (it seemed fast), and throw/trip him to the ground in a fit of alcoholic rage. This is in front of a group of 5-7 people about 20 feet across from the bar so not in plain view.

Mind you, I haven't said I single thing yet but I have realized who it was.

He gets back up with this evil grin on his face, and reaching into his pocket. He pulls out a butterfly knife and loads it up... I'm 6'3 165 so I'm not very big. Villain is about 140 5'8. I don't have a lot of fight experience... none facing a deadly weapon and I'm in a third world country with someone who might also be in an alcoholic rage..

Your move if you were me?

Results to come.
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