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I've been playing a lot of Space Invaders recently, and have been reading strategy guides. One of them talks of the "Wall of Death" trick that is required to get really high scores.

Can anyone here pull it off? I can't for the life of me. How about any Space Invaders experts out there make a screen-capture video of a super high score or Wall of Death manuever, the way the guys in other card-game forums are doing. [img]/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]


[/ QUOTE ]

Where are you playing this?

I played it in the arcade form, in the early 80's. So obviously I can't give you screen caps.

I have used the wall of death. My best score is around 30,000, and it took about half an hour. But once you can beat the later racks there is no reason you can't play indefinitely if you don't screw up.

The wall of death is only needed in the very late racks, like 5 or 6, if I recall. the enemies start so low that there is no time to do anything else. You bascially let them get one row from dropping on you, and at this distance they can't hit you because their missles appear on the other side of your ship for some reason. Then you wipe them out one row at a time. If you miss, you're dead.
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