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Default Re: Pocket pair on a monotone flop

most aces will call, especially with a draw kicker, while inferior hands will always fold.

[/ QUOTE ]

Interesting answer which leads me to my opponents plays. I pushed both hands. Now, if I sit in Villians position here I'd see this push as a set, two pair or an ace w/ strong kicker. All these hands would be an automatic push for me since I don't want anyone to draw me out... It could, of course, also be the case that I have a big pocket pair with a flush draw [img]/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

So, in both situations I got called by ace-rag. No draws, except for the guy who had a 2 kicker to the flush. In the first case I rivered the flush while I got no help in the second case. Why do people call with weak aces here? I could just as easy have them beat already... Do you people call w/ ace-rag here? Maybe a stupid question here since most people on this forum would've folded ace-rag preflop...
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