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Default Re: Kobe Bryant\'s flagrant foul

What layup? Kobe threw that elbow near free throw line. Two games is pretty light if you ask me. That was vicious and uncalled for. Miller could have easily lost some teeth there.

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with a mouthguard he isn't losing teeth. 2 games is fine i think.

i remember jordan used to be slammed down by his jersey and clotheslined everytime he was even in the paint in the eastern conference final against the pistons back in the early 90's. no fines, just foul shots and a hesitation to not go in the paint and take a that mid to long jumper next time.

the players i hate are the sneaky guys that do under the radar crap, stockton and malone were two of the worst.

i know people disagree with what he did b/c people disagree with beaning hitters to send a message but sports are often times about edges (hell look at rodman). i am a huge believer in coming inside on a hitter if he is taking away the plate to take it back, if it hits him that is just a part of the game...kobe came at him hard and put his elbow up to send the message if miller gets hurt that is part of the game, kobe is already getting stitches and that is a part of the game as well.

i believe kobe is actually getting suspended for what he said after the game and not the incident itself. like in baseball you are trained to say, "the pitch got away," when in reality you are thinking, "yeah i meant to hit him, next time he bats that bruise on his back will be in the back of his mind when he walks up to the plate," but you can't say that b/c you would get in trouble...if kobe wouldn't have said he meant to and would have said something like, "i was trying to take the charge and i put my arm up to brace myself and it was an accident blah blah bs bs blah blah," then he might have got away with it.
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