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Default Re: Pure Heads Up Poker-The Sweet Science

1. The first 10 minutes (level 1) is the trapping/study period. Do not get yourself behind in this period. You are not going to be chasing or bluff raising too much here. This is your time to understand the proclivities of your opponent. If you run up against an aggro raiser like IrieGuy, don't worry, he will get his comeuppance soon enough.

[/ QUOTE ]

A lot of hands can be played in 10 minutes in an online HU game, so in fact you can learn a lot about your opp (if you're good enough) even in much less than 10 mintues. Limiting yourself in those 10 mintues to only studying or trapping is giving up on a lot of EV, since most of the players play very poorly when stacks are relatively deep (and also when stacks are not so deep, in different ways of course).

Many poor players on many buy-in levels will make enormous mistakes in those first ten mintues, there's no reason to sit back and not exploiting it, using your whole arsenal.
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