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You think HOH1 and HOH2 even if cash games are my 70/30 focus?

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In my opinion, yes. Part 1 really is continued in the begining of HoH2. You could stop there and move on to the other books then go back and cover the end game stuff of HoH2 later.

For me, there was nothing like working through all the example hands in HoH to help learn the postflop play you're going to have to master to play NL cash. (These forums are another excellent study resource for that.)

It's just my opinion, but I think it's more important to get the basics down like proper hand selection, etc. before you move on to "Theory of Poker."

And to be honest with you, "Theory of Poker" was a difficult read for me. Well worthwhile, but difficult to grasp quickly for me anyway.
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