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Default Re: Some boring hands

hand1. I bet the turn.your hand is too vulnarable to overcards or sm pairs rivering a set.Morover if he has an A he will rarely c/r afraid of the flush and other (like sets,2 pair).If c/r call one off(possible 11 outs) and fold river if unimproved.
hand2.I don`t like ur c/r at all.The board is to-o-o co-ordinated, any pair with K or 10 in the hand will call and you can`t fold his pair of A or better.
If he has a hand that will fold to a c/r here it will fold to a straight bet on the turn.
hand3.Why c/r the river??
Any pair or better will call your c/r here.
He will check behind any weak hand that beats you and you will lose your opp-ty to bluff at the pot representing a K.
The only hand folding to a c/r here is a pure bluff on his side but it will fold to a straight river bet.
Overall I think you are too agressive in situations that do not warrant it.

Play smart,not hard.
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