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Default +roi or +tables


Looking for some free advice from others, who have been down this road before? I would like to know what the best path is from here on in.

I am at the moment 4-5 tabling $55, I have 1600 games so far with a 10% roi. I donít want to move up yet due to bankroll limitations, so what would the best option be in the LONG run:-

A. Add tables.
B. Improve my roi.

Here are the cons that I am aware of:

A. Add tables.
I have a 20in + a 17 in, so any more than 6 tables is my current limit (self imposed due to dislike of major overlap). Another screen will cost about $USD 600.

B. Improve my roi.

This might sound strange, but I have no idea on how to improve this and even if someone points me in the right direction, how would I know if its working? (Its going to take me at least another 1k in games to see change right?)

So, what to do? Any intelligent direction appreciated [img]/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]
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