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Default Re: Casino Host Question

Sixteen hours over two days of $300 avg bet at blackjack will get him full RFB in a suite and perhaps airfare reimbursement if he asks for it at the end of your trip. Show tickets will be no problem either with that kind of play. Be sure he asks for a line pass from the pit boss a few hours into his session, it is worth it's weight in gold IMHO.

I play craps an average of 6 hours per day at a $200 avg bet and get the same.

As another poster suggested just call the pit boss and he can set you up with a host. Or if you prefer PM me and I can give you my host's name and contact number at the MGM.

The line of credit suggestion is good as well. If for no other reason it is easier to just hand them your players card and not have to carry a great deal of cash. Additionally once you have it established at the MGM it is easy to move to another one of their sister casinos and get a quiock credit approval while he waits.

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