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Default Re: Casino Host Question

did your friend apply for a players club card and get rated throughout his playing sessions? if not, you won't be in the system and neither the host, marketing or floorperson can give you anything.

table comps are measured by a) your average bet over the course of your session as determined by the floor, and b) length of time playing. since your friend varied his bets wildly, he may have gotten rated as low as $50 per hand overall or as much as $300-500. if the computer has you in the low range, then you won't have much bargaining pull. but if MGM has him tagged as a big bettor who won big from pure luck as opposed to something like counting cards, then you can try speaking to a host and see what can be negotiated. the worst they can say is no.

also keep in mind that MGM owns many casinos on the strip of varying quality (though all generally habitable). so while your play may not get you free rooms at the Grand, the crew at Monte Carlo might be glad to have you, or perhaps one of the Mandalay properties (if their comp systems have already merged).
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