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Default Re: \"The pot is big enough\" -> How big is big?

If you always protect your hand on 2 suited flops regardless of the number of opponents or other flop texture, that's a bigger leak than a minor quibble over whether a pot is 'big enough' or not.

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Against what number of opponents would you not be as concerned about flush draws? What other characteristics of the flop would you look at in determining how slowly you'd like to build the pot?

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This is mostly common sense...1>2>3, K72 > K98 > JT8, whatever.

A basic point: Say it's a K72 flop with a draw and you have aces. You bet and get two calls. Did the guy with the flush draw (usually there's one in that situation) call correctly? No, because you're betting the pot or more on most turns, the guy with KQ is pushing and he will have to fold. He's not stacking you or anything.
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