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Do PokerPlex and CS/Sun first. Just make sure to deposit at Interpoker before NYE so you'll have the $90 pending for Dec (since it doesn't expire at end of month).

If you haven't done them already, go for the hourly bonuses on UKBet, TotalBet, and William Hill as well. 60-75 minutes for each if you play 4-5 tables.

Any time left - also have Littlewoods and Classic
I finally signed up with Cryptos last month. Cleared all the bonuses (except IP) the last 3 days playing $1/$2 (mix of 6-max and 10-full) so it should be doable playing 2/4 as you'll need a lot fewer hands.

I finally did my ClassicPoker signup bonus yesterday playing $2/$4 and it was nuts how many big pots there were.

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