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Default Re: 30/60 Bellagio hand from last night

I'd raise to shut out/charge the draws, he could be donking a Q or he may have hit two pair. I think he'd CR a set or straight here nearly 100% of the time, but may be betting either of those or even two pair hoping you'll raise an overpair and charge the turned straight and flush draws and protect his hand.

If all else fold and he 3-bets, you have odds to draw to your two pair and set outs if its HU. If others cold called and he 3-bets, I think you are drawing pretty thin and can find a fold. HU, call if he bets the river unless you spike an A or two pair, bet if checked to. Either way, I think this is a must raise given the number of players involved, the size of the pot, and the draw heavy board.
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