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Default Re: How much grit have you got?

These questions are too vague. If you think about them, you could come up with a reason to give yourself any score for any question.

It's like the horoscopes: they could say almost anything and people would come up with a reason to agree with it.

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Yah I agree with you here. It does not really matter what you score on the quiz anyway.

My post was aimed at giving people hope and the courage to try hard things. Lots of people are going to have new years resolutions and tons will fail. The ones that succeed will need grit!

Indeed, experts often speak of the "10-year rule" -- that it takes at least a decade of hard work or practice to become highly successful in most endeavors, from managing a hardware store to writing sitcoms -- and the ability to persist in the face of obstacles is almost always an essential ingredient in major achievements. The good news: Perhaps even more than talent, grit can be cultivated and strengthened.

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I always thought I was very gritty about succeeding at things I thought were important to me. I am pasionate about avatars as silly as I know they are and often wanted to put the same effort into stuff I find less exciting. And I see it might be easier than I had thought.

Although extremely persistent people are usually passionate about their work, that doesn't mean that the passion always comes first. Perseverance, notes Duckworth, can itself foster passion.

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I'm just in a very positive mood atm and this idea that anyone can succeed at anything if they try hard enough for long enough was powerful to me. I'm going to try something very hard that is going to take a long time to finish. The longer the better, maybe if I never stop trying I would never realized I have failed.

Nike was right
Just do it!
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