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My play is based on the fact that at micro-limits, no matter how many outs you have, players are going to call w/ all sorts of hands - even a naked ace that doesn't have a pair yet is ahead and a favorite over your flush draw/overcards. I like the flop bet, but when you miss on the turn you should check - mostly because betting is not likely to win the pot, and that you are in with two other players who have shown interest in this ragged board. Also, players here are more likely to be playing straight, and will check hands that are not top pair, and will gladly check if they have a draw as well. You almost always need to show down the best hand at micros, so i'd lean towards checking. On the river its unlikely you'll be able to bluff them out, so check like you did in hopes for a free showdown.

If you were heads-up, I may fire on both streets, but again that depends on my read - if he's tight i'd be less likely to bluff the river if he calls the turn, and if he's a calling station I wouldn't waste my money.
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