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Default Casino Host Question

Hi everyone,

My apologies if this isn't the correct forum. So my pal just got back from coaching a soccer tournament in Vegas. While he was there, he had an amazing all night blackjack run at the MGM where he made about $11,000. His bets ranged from $20 to $1600, I'm guessing he played at least 8 hours during that session, and probably another 8 hours in a previous session (finished up $1700 that time).

This weekend he is going back out to Vegas with myself and a couple other pals, he wanted some advice on getting comped at the MGM. I told him to call casino marketing, speak to a host, tell them the name of the pit boss on duty during his run, and ask them what they could do for him to entice him to come back to the MGM this trip.

Is this good advice? Would a major casino like the MGM even care about a player making an 12.5K blackjack score? Is this enough action to warrant any comps or is this just like loose change to the MGM?

I'm not expecting the MGM to offer RFBL or anything like that, but I'd hope they would offer something like a free night or two to get him to come back and drop back some of his winnings.

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