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Default Re: Do opponents bad play hurt me?

But is the same entirely true in SNG's??

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I have analyzed my pushes in SNGPT and, assuming *reasonable* calling ranges, my pushes have been correct.

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SNGPT is a kick-ass tool, but it's not perfect. Er...mathematically it's pretty darn close, but there's some room for human error. Maybe you're overestimating your opponents calling ranges and pushing in some spots where it's not as favorable as your SNGPT analysis has led you to believe. But there are "profitable" pushing situations and they work out over time.

However, they call with all sorts of crap.

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They call with crap you say? See "overestimating calling ranges" above

Or are these thoughts just the result of being the victim of numerous 2 out suckouts

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Probably, but don't think of yourself as the "victim." If you get all your money as a 95% favorite of course it's a good thing, give the man who called you a hug.

As to your general question, yes sometimes when the other guy makes an absolutely stupid play it hurts us, but that's opportunity cost. He can't only play bad when it's profitable for us, but the benefits seriously outweigh the costs.
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