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Default Tips on playing in loose-passive games??

Due to a recent, long bad run, I am moving down to .50/1NL on stars. These tables are very difficult to beat because of the players. I am in no way saying I am a great player, but some of these guys just suck.

I standard raise preflop is a miniraise (ugh) or the occasional 3XBB raise. Some opponents check in the BB with JJ or AKs or other big hands, so its hard to put them on anything. The majority of the players don't bet enough to protect their hand, and when they suck out on you on the river, they bet a small bet that you pretty much have to call if you have anything. Overall, very loose and passive and very frustrating to a tight/agg player.

I would consider my type of play tight and aggresive, I dont play many hands but when I do I try to get the most out of them. My VP$IP is about 10%. I am wondering how I should adjust my game to beat this .50/1NL game on stars.

Any help would be appreciated.

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