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Default Re: You be the bad guy, whatta you do? Live 20/40

What are your thoughts on his turn raise? At first it looked like complete spewage (still does pretty much), but how valid is the thought of cleaning up your A (if the blinds have AK) or freeing up 1/2 the pot (if they have AK).

I think in this particular situation it doesn't help enough to make it the right move, but it may be worth thinking about.

[/ QUOTE ]

from villain's perspective, if you were capable of betting an UI AK again on the turn into him and the callers... it's not *horrible* but even so i still wouldn't like it because its such an absurd parlay;

1. - you'd have to have AK (the likelihood decreased imo due to your turn bet)

2. - the blinds would have to fold to the raise

3. - you don't pair up on the river (since then you'd definitely be showing down)

4. - he's probably have to follow it through with a river bluff (which would probably work, but who knows)

i'm in the complete spewage camp as well.

merry x-mas.
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