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Default Re: A thought on multipoker reload insanity

Hardly a rockfest. I'm getting my ass handed to me by the most outrageous of holdings. I'm playing tighter than usual and getting sucked out on with a frequency that has me scratching my head.

No. No rockfest. More like a fishing derby.

[/ QUOTE ]

We'll see after the weekend, but you're right, it has been surprisingly good the last few days.

FWIW, I was completely unaware that it was a holiday weekend... I mean, I knew that it was coming up, but not that it had arrived. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

(I work from home and so do most of my friends, and since many of them work for themselves or at mom&pop operations, they don't notice the holdiays as much either.)
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