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Default Re: A thought on multipoker reload insanity

they are valid all month? i thought it was 7 days or something.

[/ QUOTE ]

The codes can be used until 9/10/05 at midnight.

You have 20 days to clear each of the bonuses.
If you deposit 100 on the 3rd, you have until the 23rd to clear it.
If you deposit 200 on the 5th, you have until the 25th to clear it.
If you deposit 300 on the 10th, you have until the 30th to clear it.

So lay it out the best you can to suit your BR, and make sure you deposit whatever you can handle on the 10th because you'll have until the 30 to try to bring it all home.

As far as I can tell at the 3/6 limit tables, it hasn't been rocky at all. Lotta action and multiway pots. The 5-10 limit, which I'm trying to break into more,as per my original post, often seams to be loaded with worse players than 3/6. Anyone notice the same or am I crackin' up.
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