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Default A thought on multipoker reload insanity

I think this slew of reload bonuses at multipoker is a prime opportunity to take your shot at moving up to next limit. If you've been almost ready for a while, whether it be financially or in terms of skill, these big chunks greatly reduce your risk factor.

You might say...."No kidding #*%$!%@!", but I'm just trying to take a differnet point of view from the norm. Most people's first thought when seeing bonuses pop up(including myself) is "Oooooo free money!" However, with a bonus this big, and the fact that it can be stretched out throughout the whole month if you plan your deposits well, you can consider it massive helper in your quest to make that leap. The actual amount of the bonus will be almost nothing compared to the longterm monthly/annual income increase if you can hack it. Obviously if you're not mentally ready or you're nowhere near the fundage needed for the next level you should probably just try to pad your roll. But if you've been flirting with it, now is a great time.

Good Luck

As a sidenote, I made a deposit for my second of the five bonus, before I finished completing the first one, and it went through just fine.
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