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Default Re: PP Problems getting on the table

I've definitely noticed some table-startup bug in PP, but I haven't exactly clarified it.

I can act fine after coming in, but I've noticed that on joining some tables, although I hit "Autopost", it never posts -- when I look back at the table, the blind has passed me and I'm sitting out, and the Autopost box is unchecked.

The happens sometimes when I click 'wait until big blind' and sometimes, if I sit down UTG and should be BB next, I click "Autopost" without the 'wait,' and the same thing happens. Another player has confirmed this behavior, and it's definitely related to the first hand you get in on the table.

We also have many tables open, usually playing half or more of them.

Anyone else see similar behavior?

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Hmmm, not yet, Mogobu. However, something is tugging in the deep crevices of my brain that one time this happened to me (as in I got puzzled why I was being sit out at one of my multi-tables a couple of days ago).

Then again, I think it was because I put myself away for 1 to 3 hands (not during blinds) then when I returned, I keep forgetting that Party removes the auto-post automatically, grrr.

As for sitting down at a table for 1st time, I always press on "wait for BB" and then press "auto-post" knowing that I don't have to do any action until I am dealt in the BB and the table gets the focus, etc.

I'll keep an eye on this, tho.

* CalvinTy
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